Time For A Change

So as you have undoubtedly already noticed, the site has gone through a major facelift. It took me all of 5 minutes to make the decision when I started searching for new themes. Ran across this one over at NULL.in¬†and thought it was pretty amazing. Quick install, and boom I’m done. I think I’ll stick with this one for a bit. Not the only technical change I’ll be making, but more on that later.

You should all also expect me to pick back up on writing a lot more starting soon. I’ve got a lot of posts that I’ve had in draft for a while, that will be finished, and many other ideas in the works. Focus will remain largely on the technical side, with some of my other rantings here and there. We’ll also have a few special guest writers, but again… more on that later.

For now, enjoy the new theme. Re-read some old stuff, and be on the look out for the new things coming.


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