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<Begin Political Rant>

I have not done this in a while, but after watching this evening’s debate on Foreign Policy, I am thoroughly disappointed in both candidates. When asked what the #1 future National Security Threat was, neither candidate responded correctly. What answers did we get? Some fluff answer about jobs and China and a nuclear armed Iran. You both receive a grade of F on this question. In fact, the President gets an F- for saying the words “cyber security” and not following up.

Why am I so harsh on this particular issue? Let’s take a quick look at just the past two weeks:

That’s just to name a few biggies. News media not enough? How about these little tid-bits:

  • In 2009 the current Administration established the nations first cyber security czar to respond to cyber threats against America
  • In the same year the US Cyber Command was established to respond to cyber threats and expand the Nations capabilities in cyberspace
  • 2010 Stuxnet was discovered – one of the most massive computer worms ever.
  • 2012 Flame – even worse than Stuxnet

With all of this going on, please tell me how throughout their campaigns and in the debates how:

  • Neither candidate discusses the cyber threat at any length
  • Romney has failed to even mention the phrase “cyber security”
  • Obama has mentioned “cyber security” and not expanded on it

It is an absolute shame that these candidates flat out ignore the significant threat that is posed in the cyber arena. The “major” newsworthy events that I have mentioned here do not even scratch the surface of how significant the threat is. I didn’t even mention the fact that major defense contractors are being hacked by China.

Yes, I blame these candidates for not talking about this, but I also put blame on the moderators of debates and every single journalist out there who has had the opportunity and failed to press these candidates on this topic. I put the blame on all of those undecided voters in New York who asked about all the same things we heard about all along the campaign trail. I am thoroughly unimpressed right now.

It amazes me that this is not one of the deciding factors of this election. It amazes me that no one seems to think to ask about this. It amazes me that in 2012 abortion and GLBT rights are still being discussed as if they affect the very fabric of our ability to survive as a nation and cyber security is not even mentioned.

Very frustrated right now.

</End Political Rant>


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