When I started this blog many moons ago, I was sitting in my college dorm room at Virginia Tech. My long time followers will remember the old name “Tech From Tech”, which was a play on the type of content I was writing¬†(technical education for the masses) ¬†and the college I went to. It has been years since I left VT, and while I will always love the Hokies – it is time for a change.

That said – today marks the first day in my rebranding. You’ll notice the blog is now titled “Night Shift Writing”. Why you ask? Because peak performance happens at night. This has been especially true for me over the past few years. It is also no accident this re-branding coincides with the start of my new company – Night Shift Development – the same company under which I recently released my first app for iOS, Writer’s Block. More on that later.

Expect to see more writing from me going forward. I’m going to aim to write more shorter posts with longer ones scattered in between. Keep on the lookout.

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