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Automate Everything

I had an interesting conversation with my mother earlier today. We were discussing a previous purchase of mine from Redbox and she commented on how Redbox and Netflix put Blockbuster out of business.  This eventually lead to a discussion in which … Continue reading

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Native Apps in JavaScript

Who would have thought that writing a native mobile app entirely in Javascript was possible? I know I was a skeptic initially. Yet – the first mobile app I wrote was written entirely in Javascript – and you’d never know … Continue reading

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When I started this blog many moons ago, I was sitting in my college dorm room at Virginia Tech. My long time followers will remember the old name “Tech From Tech”, which was a play on the type of content … Continue reading

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Building Better Software

I have never been just a Software Developer.  In every job that I have had since I was young and started my own web development business, I have been put in the sales role performing functions from marketing and business … Continue reading

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